Philsoc seminars

The ANU Philosophy Society is a group of academics and graduate students in Philosophy and other disciplines, who meet regularly, giving seminars and discussing them.

All philosophy events at ANU, including Philsoc talks, are announced on the philsoc mailing list. Subscribe to the philsoc mailing list.

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Past events

David Chalmers (NYU & ANU): The Externalist and the Structuralist Responses to Skepticism

11 Jul 2017

I will discuss two ways of responding to Cartesian arguments for global skepticism about the external world.  In an earlier paper ("The Matrix as Metaphysics...

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Gillian Russell: Could there be no logic?

27 Jun 2017

The spectre of logical nihilism---the view that there is no logic---has arisen recently in the literature on logical pluralism.  Pluralists say that there is...

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Una Stojnic (NYU & ANU) Semantics and What is Said

20 Jun 2017

A commonplace view is that only a semantic theory that interprets sentences of a language according to what their utterances intuitively say can be correct....

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Alex Sandgren (ANU): In Defence of Idiosyncrasy

13 Jun 2017

Descriptivist theories of belief content (for example those of Quine, Lewis, Braddon-Mitchell, and Jackson) imply that ordinary agents do not often have...

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J.L. Dowell (Syracuse): The Linguistic Case for Expressivism Reconsidered

6 Jun 2017

In a series of recent papers, Yalcin considers three alleged forms of challenge data for any descriptivist view about epistemic modals, so-called ‘epistemic...

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Philsoc Special Session

30 May 2017

This will be a special session of Philsoc, for Grads and Post Docs only. There will be three presentations of very early work in progress and discussion about...

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