Thursday seminars

Thursday seminars

Upcoming papers in the Philosophy Program's regular Thursday seminar series are listed below. Seminars are at 3:30 pm in seminar room A in Coombs. The seminar is followed by a dinner. Thursday Seminars are usually, but not always, held on Thursdays.

For questions please contact the current seminar convenor John Cusbert (

Other philosophy seminars at ANU

  • The ANU Philosophy Society (Philsoc), which is run by ANU Philosophy students, also operates a seminar series, on Tuesdays. Papers are read by students, staff and visitors, and there is wine and snacks.
  • The Centre for Consciousness has regular seminars, most of which are part of the RSSS Thursday Seminar Series or the ANU Philosophy Society series.
  • The Automated Reasoning Project has occasional seminars on logic that may be of interest to philosophers.

Seminar announcements

Announcements of forthcoming meetings of all four seminar series are distributed by means of the philsoc list. To join the philsoc mailing list or unsubscribe from it, click here.

Past events

Catarina Dutilh Novaes (Groningen): The Social Epistemology of Argumentation

16 Aug 2018

Catarina Dutilh-Novaes (Groningen) The Social Epistemology of Argumentation   Humans are famously a highly social species, and without collaboration with...

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Ryan Muldoon (Buffalo): Veil of Ignorance Arguments and the Limits of Justification

9 Aug 2018

Ryan Muldoon (Buffalo) Veil of Ignorance Arguments and the Limits of Justification   Abstract: Veil of Ignorance arguments have frequently been deployed to...

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Kerah Gordon-Solmon (Queen's): Not as a Means: Killing as a Side Effect in Self-Defense

26 Jul 2018

A person who keeps her car well maintained and always drives cautiously and alertly decides to drive to the movies.  Freak circumstances cause the car to go...

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Neil Mehta (Yale-NUS): The Conceptual Case Against Phenomenal Particularism

19 Jul 2018

Phenomenal particularism is roughly the view that external particulars sometimes figure in the phenomenal character of perceptual experiences. In this paper, I...

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Julia Staffel (WUSTL/Boulder): Unsettled Thoughts: A Theory of Degrees of Rationality

5 Jul 2018

Theories of epistemic rationality typically formulate norms of what it takes to have ideally rational beliefs or credences. Humans thinkers tend to be unable...

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Catrin Campbell-Moore (Bristol): Avoiding Risk and Avoiding Evidence

28 Jun 2018

It is natural to think that there is something epistemically objectionable about avoiding evidence, at least in ideal cases. We argue that this natural...

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Emily C. Parke (Auckland): What are biosignatures signatures of?

21 Jun 2018

NASA has spent decades, and billions of dollars, looking for life in our solar system. Just this month they issued a major press release announcing that they...

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