Thursday seminars

Thursday seminars

Upcoming papers in the Philosophy Program's regular Thursday seminar series are listed below. Seminars are at 3:30 pm in seminar room A in Coombs. The seminar is followed by a dinner. Thursday Seminars are usually, but not always, held on Thursdays.

For questions please contact the current seminar convenor John Cusbert (

Other philosophy seminars at ANU

  • The ANU Philosophy Society (Philsoc), which is run by ANU Philosophy students, also operates a seminar series, on Tuesdays. Papers are read by students, staff and visitors, and there is wine and snacks.
  • The Centre for Consciousness has regular seminars, most of which are part of the RSSS Thursday Seminar Series or the ANU Philosophy Society series.
  • The Automated Reasoning Project has occasional seminars on logic that may be of interest to philosophers.

Seminar announcements

Announcements of forthcoming meetings of all four seminar series are distributed by means of the philsoc list. To join the philsoc mailing list or unsubscribe from it, click here.

Past events

Gerard Vong (Emory): Diagnosing a Methodological Error in Distributive Fairness Debates: Lotteries, Pluralism and An Impossibility Result

7 Dec 2017

Preceded by a pre-talk for graduate students, 1:30PM Benjamin LibraryAbstract and simplified thought experiments are an important methodological tool in...

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Helen Frowe (Stockholm)

30 Nov 2017

Abstract forthcoming.

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Sally Shrapnel (UQ): Do Quantum Causal Models Explain Bell Violations?

21 Sep 2017

Quantum correlations that violate Bell inequalities seem to defy causal explanation: counterfactual accounts fall foul of relativity and probabilistic accounts...

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Peter Evans: "What can bouncing oil droplets tell us about quantum mechanics?"

14 Sep 2017

A recent series of experiments from a team in Paris have demonstrated that an oil droplet bouncing on a vibrating fluid surface displays behaviour that is...

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Michael Anderson (U of Western Ontario): Neural reuse and dynamic structure-function relationships in the brain

24 Aug 2017

I this talk I outline the evidence for the dynamic multi-functionality of the various parts of the brain, and use it to put pressure on the leading account of...

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Anne Barnhill (U Penn): (When) is public health messaging manipulative?

17 Aug 2017

Some public heath messaging goes beyond providing health information in a neutral way, but rather is graphic, is meant to shock us, is meant to be visually...

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Miriam Schoenfield (MIT): Meditations on Beliefs Formed Arbitrarily

10 Aug 2017

This paper addresses the concern of beliefs formed arbitrarily: for example, religious, political and moral beliefs that we realize we possess because of the...

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