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Brentyn Ramm

Location: External

Website: My profile website


Bachelor of Arts (University of Adelaide)

Honours in Philosophy (University of Queensland)

PhD in Cognitive Psychology (University of Queensland)


Brentyn Ramm has a background in cognitive psychology and has worked on conceptual combination, the Wason Selection Task, applying quantum theory to cognition, and the human body configuration.

In his thesis, he is using a first-person approach to investigate the self, particularly the transparency or elusiveness of self as found in analytic philosophy, and the doctrines of No-self and Emptiness as found in Zen Buddhism.

Brentyn's main areas of interest are in consciousness, phenomenology, the self, Zen Buddhism, and panpsychism.


Brentyn completed his honours in philosophy at the University of Queensland. He also completed a PhD in cognitive psychology at the University of Queensland and a Bachelor of Arts (majoring in philosophy and psychology) through the University of Adelaide.

Research Interests

Brentyn's research aim is to develop reliable first-person methods for investigating consciousness. In particular, his dissertation is on the reliability of introspection, first-person methods, size experience, and experience of the self.


Ramm, Brentyn J. 2016. Dimensions of reliability in phenomenal judgment.  Journal of Consciousness Studies, 23 (3-4): 101-127

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