Thursday seminars


Justin D'Ambrosio
Thursday seminars

Upcoming papers in the Philosophy Program's regular Thursday seminar series are listed below. Seminars are at 3:30 pm in Rm 1.04 Coombs Extension. The seminar is followed by a dinner. Thursday Seminars are usually, but not always, held on Thursdays.

For questions please contact the current seminar convenor Justin D'Ambrosio (justin.d'

Other philosophy seminars at ANU

  • The ANU Philosophy Society (Philsoc), which is run by ANU Philosophy students, also operates a seminar series, on Tuesdays. Papers are read by students, staff and visitors, and there is wine and snacks.
  • The Centre for Consciousness has regular seminars, most of which are part of the RSSS Thursday Seminar Series or the ANU Philosophy Society series.
  • The Automated Reasoning Project has occasional seminars on logic that may be of interest to philosophers.

Seminar announcements

Announcements of forthcoming meetings of all four seminar series are distributed by means of the philsoc list. To join the philsoc mailing list or unsubscribe from it, click here.

Past events

Mark Colyvan (University of Sydney): “Logic in Fiction"

31 Oct 2019

Abstract: This paper will address the question of whether the logic of a fiction can be specified as part of the fiction. For example, can one tell a fictional...

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Kimberley Brownlee (Warwick): "Getting Rights out of Wrongs"

29 Aug 2019

Abstract: Sometimes, we gain new moral rights by acting wrongly. Sometimes, we gain new moral rights (in addition to restitution rights) from other people...

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Anna Mahtani (LSE): "The designators that matter"

15 Aug 2019

Abstract: Suppose that you have a choice of two actions, A and B, and suppose that action A has better prospects for everyone than action B. Then many would...

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Sergio Tenenbaum: Instrumental virtues and instrumental rationality

8 Aug 2019

Most theories of rationality take it for granted that rationality is always a matter of conformity to certain principles, or responding to reasons. I argue...

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Fiona Woollard (Southampton): "What a Mother's Got to Do: formulating a moderate account of maternal duty"

1 Aug 2019

What A Mother’s Got to Do: formulating a moderate account of maternal duty. Modern motherhood is hard. While raising children is never going to be easy, I...

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Sophia Moreau (UToronto): Discrimination and the Relevance of Deliberative Freedom

25 Jul 2019

Abstract:  This talk is based on one chapter of my forthcoming book, Faces of Inequality: A Theory of Wrongful Discrimination.  The book as a whole defends a...

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Jennifer Nagel: The Epistemic Backchannel

18 Jul 2019

In the regular flow of human conversation, we send many signals to each other about what we do and do not know. This talk examines what sociologists call “the...

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