MSPT seminars

"The Centre for Moral, Social and Political Theory" in the School of Philosophy organises a lunchtime seminar every week. The MSPT seminar normally takes place on Mondays from 12:30 to 2:00 in Coombs seminar room D. The current convenor for the MSPT seminar series is Seth Lazar ( Recent and upcoming papers are listed below.

MSPT Seminars are announced on both the the philsoc mailing list, and the CMSPT mailing list.

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Past events

Kate Devitt (QUT): The Liability of Uncertainty: How mistrust in Agricultural Decision Support Technologies thwarts adoption

18 Sep 2017

Decision Support Systems (DSS) are increasingly touted as a means to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural enterprise from variable yield...

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Iddo Porat: Ritual Animal Slaughter, Circumcision and the Right not to be Singled Out

4 Sep 2017

Advocates of banning ritual male circumcision argue that circumcision amounts to an irreversible mutilation, causes medical harm (such as reduction of sexual...

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Andy Egan (Rutgers): Expressivism, Truth-Conditions, and the Project of Semantics

21 Aug 2017

There is a "production-first" way of thinking about the project of semantics - in particular, about what it is for a sentence to have truth-conditions - that...

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Anne Barnhill (UPenn): "Natural" in breastfeeding promotion

14 Aug 2017

Promoting breastfeeding is a major goal of national and international health organizations.  Materials that promote breastfeeding often reference the health...

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Preston Greene (NTU Singapore): 'It Doesn’t Matter Because One Day It Will End'

7 Aug 2017

The idea that life does not matter because it will end continues to be a source of despair for many reflective people, and its widespread influence can be seen...

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Cailin O'Connor (UC Irvine): The Dynamics of Inequity

31 Jul 2017

It is no secret that some people get more and others get less. In most societies, seemingly irrelevant personal factors like gender and race importantly...

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Connie Rosati (Arizona): Normativity and the Naturalistic Fallacy

17 Jul 2017

In Principia Ethica, G. E. Moore famously accused ethical naturalists of committing the “naturalistic fallacy.” Critics charged that this was no fallacy at all...

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