Philsoc seminars

The ANU Philosophy Society is a group of academics and graduate students in Philosophy and other disciplines, who meet regularly, giving seminars and discussing them.

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Past events

Alexander Sandgren (ANU): New Work for a Theory of Intentionality

1 May 2018

My goal in this paper is to make progress toward a unified theory of intentionality that does not fall prey to either of the most serious species of puzzles...

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Bruno Ippedico: When Chomsky Meets Evolution

17 Apr 2018

How did language evolve? The answer depends on what your theory of language says about language. In this talk we will look at Chomsky's latest theory of...

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Timothy L Williamson (ANU): Causal Decision Theorists are Unstable [TPR]

10 Apr 2018

Causal Decision Theorists (Gibbard & Harper 1978, Lewis 1981, Joyce 1999) think that an act's expected value is determined by what that act is likely to...

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Graduate and Postdoc Work in Progress presentations

3 Apr 2018

Today's Philsoc is a graduate students/postdoc only special session.We'll have James Willoughby and Matt Kopec presenting.1) James WilloughbyWhy Global...

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Brian Garrett (ANU): Beyond the Infinite: Bilking, Backwards Causation and Being Itself

27 Mar 2018

In this short talk I attempt to spell out clearly the most plausible version of the so-called ‘bilking argument’ against the possibility of backwards causation...

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Chaz Firestone (John Hopkins University): Cognition does not affect perception

20 Mar 2018

What determines what we see? A tidal wave of recent research alleges that visual experience is 'penetrated' by higher-level cognitive states such as beliefs,...

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Special Session

19 Sep 2017

Special Session speakers Donald Nordblom, Daniel Kilov, and James Willoughby.

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