Bob Goodin

Bob Goodin

Position: Distinguished Professor of Philosophy

Centre affiliation: Centre for Moral, Social and Political Theory


Phone: 61 2 6125 2156

Location: HC Coombs Building, Room 2203


BA (Indiana University, 1972) DPhil (Oxford University, 1975)

Researcher profile:

Goodin's own work focuses on political theory and public policy. He is currently writing a book with Kai Spiekermann (LSE) on An Epistemic Theory of Democracy. Having completed projects with Christian Barry (ANU) and Avia Pasternak (UCL) on 'Benefiting from Injustice', Goodin's next project will be on 'Ethical Consumerism' with Christian Barry and Kate Macdonald (Melbourne).

Political Theory & Public Policy (U Chicago Press, 1982)

Protecting the Vulnerable (U Chicago Press, 1985)

Reasons for Welfare (Princeton U Press, 1988)

No Smoking: Ethical Issues (U Chicago Press, 1989)

Motivating Political Morality  (Blackwell, 1992)

Green Political Theory (Polity, 1992)

Utilitarianism as a Public Philosophy (Cambridge UP, 1995)

Social Welfare as an Individual Responsibility:  For and Against, with D. Schmidtz (Cambridge UP, 1998)

The Real Worlds of Welfare Capitalism, with B. Headey, R. Muffels and H.-J. Dirven (Cambridge UP, 1999)

Reflective Democracy (Oxford UP, 2003)

What's Wrong with Terrorism? (Polity, 2006)

Discretionary Time: A New Measure of Freedom, with J.M. Rice, A. Parpo and L. Eriksson (Cambridge UP, 2008)

Innovating Democracy: Democratic Theory & Practice After the Deliberative Turn (Oxford  UP, 2008)

On Settling (Princeton UP, 2012)

On Complicity and Compromise, with C. Lepora (Oxford UP, 2013).

Explaining Norms, with G. Brennan, N. Southwood and L. Eriksson (Oxford UP 2013).

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