Ethics and Risk Workshop

This workshop brings ethicists and decision theorists together to work out how risk affects moral and rational requirements.  Some of the topics include:  problems raised when applying decision theory to moral questions; the project of identifying a criterion of subjective permissibility; the significance of moral risks for epistemic norms; distributive questions about rights against risk exposure.




Workshop Schedule

Monday 16 July

11.00 – 12.15

Epistemic Irrationality and ethical decisions
Brian Talbot (Boulder)

with comments by Frank Jackson (ANU)



1.30 – 2.45

Growing Awareness, Belief and Practical Rationality
Katie Steele (ANU) Joint work with H. Orri Stefánsson

with comments by John Cusbert (ANU)



3.15 – 4.30

Priority, Equality, and Risk
Campbell Brown (LSE)

with comments by Kirsten Mann (ANU)



5.00 – 6.15

Ambiguity Aversion behind the veil of ignorance
H. Orri Stefánsson (Copenhagen/Stockholm)

with comments by Chad Lee-Stronach (ANU)


Tuesday 17 July


Risky Business
Al Hájek (ANU)

with comments by Lara Buchak (Berkeley), read by Seth



11.45 – 1.00

Testing for Discrimination and the Risk of Error
Boris Babic (Cal Tech)

with comments by Kate Devitt (QUT)



2.15 – 3.30

Supererogation and Sequence
Adam Bales (Cambridge) and Claire Benn (VLJI)

with comments by Shang Long Yeo (ANU)



4.00 – 5.15

Rights & Epistemic Risks: Beyond Subjective Permissibility
Renée Bolinger (ANU)

with comments by Rahul Kumar (Queen's)


Wednesday 18 July

10.00 – 11.15

Normative Uncertainty and Probabilistic Moral Knowledge
Julia Staffel (Boulder)

with comments by Matt Kopec (ANU)



11.45 – 1.00

Deontological Decision theory and lesser evil options
Seth Lazar (ANU) Joint work with Peter Graham

with comments by Kerah Gordon-Solmon (Queen's)



2.15 – 3.30

Profiling, Safety, and Legal Standards of Proof
Georgi Gardiner (Oxford)

with comments by Brian Hedden (Sydney)



4.00 – 5.15

Risk and Distributive Justice
Ryan Muldoon (Buffalo) Joint work with Pietro Maffetone

with comments by Christian Barry (ANU)




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Date & time

Mon 16 Jul 2018, 9:00am to Wed 18 Jul 2018, 5:00pm


Mills Room, Chancelry Building (10)


Seth Lazar
Renee Bolinger

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School of Philosophy


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