Research areas

The research done in the School of Philosophy is organised around six broad areas in which the program has a strong international reputation:

Epistemology, Logic & Metaphysics

(including Theories of Knowledge, Formal Epistemology, Properties, Decision Theory, Causation, Philosophy of Probability)

Associated faculty: Phil Dowe, Brian Garrett, Alan Hájek, Nicholas Southwood, Katie Steele, Koji Tanaka

Philosophy of Mind

(including Perception, Consciousness, Representation, Cognition and its Evolution)

Associated faculty: Rachael Brown, Daniel Stoljar, Bronwyn Finnigan, Frank Jackson, Colin Klein, Victoria McGeer, Philip Pettit, Ronald Planer,  Kim Sterelny

See the Centre for Consciousness.

Philosophy of Science

(including Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Economics)

Associated faculty: Rachael Brown, Alan Hájek, Colin Klein, Ronald Planer, Katie Steele, Kim Sterelny

See the ANU-Sydney Philosophy of Biology Group website.

Moral and Political Philosophy

(including Ethics, Value Theory, Action Theory, Applied Moral and Political Philosophy)

Associated faculty: Christian Barry, Geoffrey Brennan, Bob Goodin, Fiona Jenkins, Matthew Kopec, Seth Lazar, Victoria McGeer, Philip Pettit, Nicholas Southwood, Katie Steele, Bronwyn Finnigan

See the Centre for Moral, Social And Political Theory.

European Philosophy

(including Nietzsche, Husserl, Heidegger, Phenomenology, and contemporary French philosophy)

Associated Faculty:  Fiona Jenkins

Asian Philosophy

(including Buddhist Philosophy, Classical Chinese Philosophy, and Japanese Philosophy)

Associated Faculty: Bronwyn Finnigan, Koji Tanaka

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