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Oliver Rawle
MSPT seminars

"The Centre for Moral, Social and Political Theory" in the School of Philosophy organises a lunchtime seminar every week. The MSPT seminar normally takes place on Mondays from 12:30 to 2:00 in Coombs seminar room D. The current convenor for the MSPT seminar series is Oliver Rawle ( Recent and upcoming papers are listed below.

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Past events

Chiara Cordelli: MSPT Seminar

9 Sep 2019

Abstract forthcoming.

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Kimberley Kessler Ferzan (Virginia): #BelieveWomen and the Presumption of Innocence: Clarifying the Questions for Law and Life

12 Aug 2019

In September 2018, Christine Blasey Ford accused Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, of sexually assaulting her when the two were teenagers. Ford’s...

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Marco Meyer (York): Fake News, Conspiracy, and Intellectual Virtue

29 Jul 2019

Recent work in virtue epistemology has suggested that conspiracy theorists suffer from intellectual vices. I present new evidence from survey experiments...

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Walter Sinnott-Armstrong: How Contrastivism Helps to Solve the Problems of Mental Causation and Moral Responsibility

15 Jul 2019

How Contrastivism Helps to Solve the Problems of Mental Causation and Moral Responsibility Although most discussions of moral responsibility focus on whether...

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Yannik Thiem (Villanova): More Than Add-On Diversity: Equity and Inclusion Initiatives in Philosophy in the USA

1 Jul 2019

Philosophy in the USA continues to be a remarkably non-diverse discipline, demographically (ca. 75% white and 75% male), linguistically, and methodologically,...

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Chris Howard: Consequentialists Must Kill

24 Jun 2019

Many contemporary act consequentialists define facts about what we ought to do in terms of facts about what we ought to prefer to be the case. They claim that...

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Lisa Ellis: The Collective Implications of Discrete Decisions: Some Examples from Environmental Policy

17 Jun 2019

Isolated decisions, even isolated decisions made with high-quality procedures coordinating well-intentioned participants, sometimes produce outcomes that none...

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