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Sarita Rosenstock
Philosophy Departmental Seminars

Upcoming talks in the Philosophy Departmental Seminar Series are listed below. Seminars are held on Thursdays (unless indicated on the schedule) from 2:00-3:30pm in the Auditorium, Level 1, RSSS Building. They're followed by tea and a casual dinner within walking distance of campus. All are welcome.

The 2022 seminar convenor is Sarita Rosenstock ( ).

Other philosophy seminars at ANU

  • The ANU Philosophy Society (Philsoc), which is run by ANU Philosophy students, also operates a seminar series, on Tuesdays. Papers are read by students, staff and visitors, and there is wine and snacks.
  • The Centre for Consciousness has regular seminars, most of which are part of the RSSS Thursday Seminar Series or the ANU Philosophy Society series.
  • The Automated Reasoning Project has occasional seminars on logic that may be of interest to philosophers.

Seminar announcements

Announcements of forthcoming meetings of all four seminar series are distributed by means of the philsoc list. To join the philsoc mailing list or unsubscribe from it, click here.

Upcoming events

The Skill Model: A Dilemma for Virtue Ethics - Nick Schuster (ANU)

2–3.30pm 29 Sep 2022

Speaker: Nick Schuster Abstract: According to agent-centered virtue ethics, acting well is not a matter of conforming to agent-independent moral standards,...

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Expanding the Scope of Human Rights - Suzanne Killmister (Monash)

2–3.30pm 6 Oct 2022

Speaker: Suzanne Killmister Abstract: It is sometimes suggested that human rights ought to be extended to some non-humans – be it non-human animals such as...

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Daniel Wodak (UPenn)

2–3.30pm 13 Oct 2022

Speaker: Daniel Wodak Abstract: TBC Please note that these seminars are open to the public and in person only.

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Kate Lynch (USyd)

2–3.30pm 20 Oct 2022

Speaker: Kate Lynch Abstract: TBC Please note that these seminars are open to the public and in person only.

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What Is Self-Narrative? - Regina Fabry (Macquarie)

2–3.30pm 27 Oct 2022

Speaker: Regina Fabry Abstract: In recent years, philosophers of mind have explored the relationship between lived embodied experiences and self-narratives in...

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Kathryn MacKay (Sydney)

2–3.30pm 3 Nov 2022

Speaker: Kathryn MacKay Abstract: TBC Please note that these seminars are open to the public and in person only.

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Katrina Hutchinson (Macquarie)

2–3.30pm 10 Nov 2022

Speaker: Katrina Hutchinson Abstract: TBC Please note that these seminars are open to the public and in person only.

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Past events

Humility and Fidelity - Alex Sandgren (Umeå)

15 Sep 2022

Speaker: Alex Sandgren Abstract: Following some of David Lewis' later work, I develop and defend a kind of `Ramseyan Humility' thesis according to which the...

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Degrees of Consciousness - Andrew Lee (ANU)

8 Sep 2022

Speaker: Andrew Lee Abstract: Is a human more conscious than an octopus? In the science of consciousness, it’s oftentimes assumed that some creatures (or...

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I Want You To Want Me - Agnes Callard (UChicago)

1 Sep 2022

Speaker: Agnes Callard Abstract: /*-->*/ /*-->*/ Consider the world that includes: dating, breakups, crushes and jealousy; the magnetic pull of...

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Who’s Afraid of Boltzmann Brains? - Roger White (MIT)

25 Aug 2022

Speaker: Roger White Abstract: /*-->*/ /*-->*/ Some apparently well-motivated cosmological models have it that the world is at some point teeming...

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Time and the Decider - David Spurrett (University of KwaZulu-Natal)

18 Aug 2022

Speaker: David Spurrett I characterise a family of views about the implementation of action selection as ‘Central Banker’ accounts. Central Bankers are top...

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Concept-driven suppositional thinking - Nick Shea (University of London)

4 Aug 2022

Speaker: Nick Shea  Abstract: Work on concepts has concentrated on categorization. Categorization is a process that starts with perceptual representations and...

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Centering Update - Isaac Wilhelm (NUS)

28 Jul 2022

Speaker: Isaac Wilhelm  Abstract: /*-->*/ /*-->*/ How should agents change their credences after learning centered propositions like ``It is morning...

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