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Sarita Rosenstock
Philosophy Departmental Seminars

Upcoming talks in the Philosophy Departmental Seminar Series are listed below. Seminars are held on Thursdays (unless indicated on the schedule) from 2:00-3:30pm in the Auditorium, Level 1, RSSS Building. They're followed by tea and a casual dinner within walking distance of campus. All are welcome.

The 2022 seminar convenor is Sarita Rosenstock ( ).

Other philosophy seminars at ANU

  • The ANU Philosophy Society (Philsoc), which is run by ANU Philosophy students, also operates a seminar series, on Tuesdays. Papers are read by students, staff and visitors, and there is wine and snacks.
  • The Centre for Consciousness has regular seminars, most of which are part of the RSSS Thursday Seminar Series or the ANU Philosophy Society series.
  • The Automated Reasoning Project has occasional seminars on logic that may be of interest to philosophers.

Seminar announcements

Announcements of forthcoming meetings of all four seminar series are distributed by means of the philsoc list. To join the philsoc mailing list or unsubscribe from it, click here.

Upcoming events

Agency: Who is Morally Responsible? - Monima Chadha (Monash University)

2–3.30pm 19 May 2022

Speaker: Monima Chadha Abstract: In the Abhidharmakośa-Bhāṣya, Vasubandhu defends a no-agent view. Actions, he argues, can be explained in terms of causal...

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Modelling as an Epistemic Activity in Ecology - Eden Smith (University of Melbourne)

2–3.30pm 26 May 2022

Speaker: Eden Smith In addition to representing knowledge, models function as tools that contribute to generating new knowledge during investigative practices...

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The making of emotional habits: A top-down approach - Elena Walsh (University of Wollongong)

2–3.30pm 2 Jun 2022

Speaker: Elena Walsh Abstract: Adaptations that trade false positives for speed are ubiquitous in evolutionary design. Many, like blinking, are inflexible....

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Can We Step into the Same Algorithm Twice? Examining the Metaphysical Problem of Identity in the Context of Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Regulation - Yves Saint James Aquino (University of Wollongong)

2–3.30pm 9 Jun 2022

Speaker: Yves Saint James Aquino Artificial intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning (ML), systems hold great potential in improving clinical...

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Barriers to Change, Possibilities for Resistance: A Pre-Implementation Challenge to Conceptual Engineering - Paul-Mikhail Podosky (Macquarie University)

2–3.30pm 16 Jun 2022

Speaker: Paul-Mikhail Podosky Abstract: Conceptual engineering has strong political roots. But if conceptual engineering, understood as the development of non...

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Values as Vectors - Daniel Muñoz (University of North Carolina)

2–3.30pm 23 Jun 2022

Speaker: Daniel Muñoz Abstract: I defend a new kind of value theory that represents values not as single numbers or intervals, but as many-dimensional vectors...

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'Title TBC' - Bryce Huebner (Georgetown University)

2–3.30pm 30 Jun 2022

Speaker: Bryce Huebner Title and Abstract to be made available within two weeks of seminar date.

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Past events

What Makes a Behavior “Cognitive”? - Nick Brancazio (University of Wollongong)

12 May 2022

Speaker: Nick Brancazio Active materials are self-propelled non-living entities which, in some circumstances, exhibit a number of cognitively interesting...

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Ethics of Technology in Polarized Societies – On the Challenge of Pluralism - Nadia Mazouz (University of Marburg)

5 May 2022

Speaker: Nadia Mazouz The question of the conditions of possibility of doing TechEthics and its relation to the normative foundations of democracy is at the...

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Vague Preferences - Simon Goldstein (Australian Catholic University)

28 Apr 2022

Speaker: Simon Goldstein Abstract: Sometimes it's vague what you prefer. How should you act when this happens? One theory says that if it's unclear what you...

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Incommensurateness is Vagueness - John Broome (ANU/Oxford University)

21 Apr 2022

Speaker: John Broome Abstract: We often encounter pairs of objects where neither seems better than the other, and yet they do not seem to be equally good. I...

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How Different is Supposition from Imagination? - Margot Strohminger (Australian Catholic University)

14 Apr 2022

Speaker: Margot Strohminger Abstract: Imagining something to be the case seems to be different from “merely” supposing it. For example, it looks as though...

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Becoming Cisgender - Louise Richardson-Self (University of Tasmania)

7 Apr 2022

On Thursday 7 April, Louise Richardson-Self will present on "Becoming Cisgender". Abstract: The metaphysics of sex and gender is of significant philosophical...

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An Alternative Approach to Normative Ethics - Michael Smith (Princeton University)

31 Mar 2022

On Thursday 31 March, Michael Smith will present on "An Alternative Approach to Normative Ethics". Abstract: Constitutivism, a metaethical theory, entails a...

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