Philsoc seminars

Philsoc seminars

The ANU Philosophy Society is a group of academics and graduate students in Philosophy and other disciplines, who meet regularly, giving seminars and discussing them.

All philosophy events at ANU, including Philsoc talks, are announced on the philsoc mailing list. Subscribe to the philsoc mailing list.

Submit a paper

You can submit a paper by emailing the Philsoc convenors, currently Theo Murray and Darryl Mathieson.

Upcoming events

25 Apr - TBC

3–4.30pm 25 Apr 2023

Abstract TBA about a week prior to the seminar.

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9 May - TBC

3–4.30pm 9 May 2023

Abstract TBA about a week prior to the seminar.

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Past events

21 Mar - TBC

21 Mar 2023

Almost all of our reasoning is *defeasible*:  that is, our inferences go through only other things equal, and there are always more of them -- the list of...

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Bounded Utilities and Ex Ante Pareto

14 Mar 2023

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ This talk shows that decision theories on which utilities are bounded, such as standard axiomatizations of Expected Utility Theory,...

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Failing to Tell the Truth: A Transparent Approach to Truth-Tellers, Liars, and Curry

7 Mar 2023

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ The first sentence in this abstract is true. What does the previous sentence—a contingent truth-teller—say? Well, truth is transparent...

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Alethic Paradoxes and Epistemology

28 Feb 2023

Please note that this talk is moved to Lectorial 1 on the ground floor of the RSSS building. In my talk, I will introduce the Buddhist epistemological...

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Magnets, How Do They Work?

21 Feb 2023

/*-->*/ /*-->*/ According to reference magnetism, there are facts independent from our psychology and conventions which make certain things more...

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I'm mistaken

15 Nov 2022

Abstract: I know that not everything I believe is true -- no one is right about everything. Does this mean, or at least strongly suggest, that my beliefs are...

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Pre-Submission Talk - Denying Spirits Exist: Epistemic Error Theory and The Self-Undermining Objection

6 Sep 2022

Epistemic Error Theory denies that there are epistemic reasons. This theory stands accused of being self-undermining. To accept, assert, argue for, believe,...

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