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James Edgar Lim
Philsoc seminars

The ANU Philosophy Society is a group of academics and graduate students in Philosophy and other disciplines, who meet regularly, giving seminars and discussing them.

All philosophy events at ANU, including Philsoc talks, are announced on the philsoc mailing list. Subscribe to the philsoc mailing list.

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Past events

James Edgar Lim (TPR): "The Right Against Public Shaming"

26 Nov 2019

Public shaming is sometimes thought of as a “easier” alternative to formal punishment. Formal punishments like incarceration usually come with significant...

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Nick Willis (TPR): Philsoc Seminar - “Burge and Belief"

12 Nov 2019

I present an overview of my proposed Masters thesis on the relation between language and propositional attitudes. I will present two responses to Burge's (1979...

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Jenny Hung: On the same-order representational theory of consciousness

29 Oct 2019

In recent years, much debate has centered around the same–order representational theory of consciousness, according to which (1) conscious mental states are...

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Ellen Clarke (Leeds): “The Metaphysics of Sex Categories"

20 Aug 2019

Abstract: The folk take sex categories to be exhausted by the binary of male and female, but this sits badly with the biological reality of intersex conditions...

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Marta Halina (University of Cambridge): "Insightful AI"

13 Aug 2019

In March 2016, DeepMind’s computer program AlphaGo surprised the world by defeating the world-champion Go player, Lee Sedol. AlphaGo has a novel, surprising...

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