Graduated PhD Students

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Josef Holden
Moral Anti-rationalism and Consequentialism

James Willoughby
Why Believe This or That or Anything at All?

Brandon Yip
Emotions and Other Practices


Ross Pain
Evidence, Inference and Human Evolution: Essays in the Philosophy of Cognitive Archaeology


Devon Malcolm Cass
Status as an Equal

Erick Llamas
The realiser-realiser identity theory of mind

Yehezkel Symonds
Trivial Pursuits and Noble Quests: Why Ontology is Too Easy and How to Redeem it.

Hayden Wilkinson
Infinite aggregation


Emma Shea Davies
Ecological Subjecthood

Ten-Herng Lai 
Uncivil Disobedience: Beyond the Orthodox View of Resistance and Counter-Resistance

Susan Janet Pennings
Health care with limited resources: Ethics, epidemiology and public policy

Shang Long Yeo
The Scope and Limits of Debunking Arguments in Ethics

Heather Jane Browning
If I Could Talk to the Animals: Measuring Subjective Animal Welfare

Jesse Hambly
The Limits of Normative Naturalism

Stephen Francis Mann
Communication and cooperation in evolutionary biology


Chad Lee-Stronach
Morality Under Risk

Christopher Lean
Ecological Kinds and the Units of Conservation

Carl Joseph Brusse
Modelling religious signalling

David Kalkman
Meaning in Animal Communication: Varieties of meaning and their roles in explaining communication


Jessica May Isserow
What to do when the world doesn't play along: life after moral error theory

Lachlan Montgomery Umbers
The Institutions of Democracy

John Zerilli
Neuroplasticity, neural reuse, and the language module

Alma Barner

Adam Bugeja
Fiduciary Non-cognitivism

Clare Due
Linguistic modal conventionalism in the real world


Ivan Dario Gonzalez-Cabrera
Sharing our normative worlds: A theory of normative thinking

Daniel John Gregory
Inner Speech: A Philosophical Analysis

Anthony Paul Hayes
How the Situationist International became what it was

Vincent Peter Redhouse
Be honest, apologize, and give me my land back: how settler colonial states should reconcile with their indigenous peoples

Lucie Alexandra White
Constructing a Coherent Philosophical Basis for Research Ethics

Christopher John White
Competition and Cooperation in Economic and Christian Thought: Towards a Better Understanding

Matthew Hammerton
Agent-Relativity and the Foundations of Moral Theory

Ryan Douglas Cox
Knowing Why: Essays on Self-Knowledge and Rational Explanation


Brentyn John Ramm
First-Person Investigations of Consciousness

Robert John Kirby
The Beneficiary Pays Principle and Climate Change

Adam Charles Gastineau
A Problem of Paradigms: Grounding Asymmetric Institutional Permissions for the Use of Lethal Force

Alexander Sandgren
Cruel Intensions: An Essay on Intentional Identity and Intentional Attitudes

Lucian Howard
About Time


Martin Lee Thomas
Schopenhauer and beckett : theatre of asceticism

Jonathan Andry Tapsell
Models of philosophical thought experimentation

Joy Leanne Mendel
Models of philosophical thought experimentation

Alexander Karolis 
On the deconstruction of christianity : techne and touching - abandoned bodies in the philosophy of jean-luc nancy

Christopher Gyngell
Human enhancement and human diversity : the need for a coordinated approach to enhancement technologies

Erturk Demirel
Politics of silence : aporias and temporality of the political

Aisling Crean
Humility and the metaphysics of properties


Clas Weber
Propositions and centered content

Brant Layton
Representation in the genome

Jonathan Richard Pickering
Fair climate policy in an unequal world: characterising responsibilities and designing institutions for mitigation and international finance

John Charles Harrington
The failure to constrain corporate social injury : the state, the stakeholder and the fiduciary

Adrian Mitchell Currie
Rock, bone & ruin : an optimist's guide to the historical sciences


Rosa Elizabeth Terlazzo
Adaptive preferences and children's options

John Shellard
Toleration, religion and the state

Edward Christopher Scarr
Subjectivity in crisis : an ethnographic analysis of subjectivity in a veteran motorcycle club

Kelvin James McQueen
A priori entailment and the metaphysics of science

John Cusbert
The arrow of chance

Stephanie Collins
The scope of dependence-based duties

Johannes Wilhelmus Antonius Burgers
Choice by chance : an exploration into the practice and virtues of using lotteries in public choices

Ali Abedi Renani
Explaining and evaluating Alasdair MacIntyre's notion of tradition-constituted rationalities and justices

Drew Ninnis
Michel Foucault and the critique of psychiatry

Jonathan Charles Carter Herington
The concept of security : uncertainty, evidence and value

Nicholas Greig Evans
The dual-use dilemma : lessons from nuclear science

Rachael Louise Brown
Understanding behavioural innovation, novelty and evolvability


Benjamin Michael Sworn
Approaches to Agrippan scepticism

Brian Douglys Rabern
Monsters and communication : the semantics of contextual shifting and sensitivity

Oliver John Watson Matthewson
Generality and the limits of model-based science

Maria Mancilla
A cosmopolitan right of necessity

Joanne Chung Yan Lau
Political obligation and the civil dead

Ole Andreas Klaeboe Koksvik

Luara Leite Ferracioli
Morality in migration : duties of inclusion and exclusion


Ryan Edward Young
The Liar Paradox: A Consistent and Semantically Closed Solution

Dan Graham Marshall
Counterfactuality, reduction, and the argument for possible worlds from theoretical virtue

Shiu-Hwa Tsu
Defending moral particularism

Holly Lawford-Smith
Feasibility constraints for political theories


Alexandra Elizabeth George
The construction of intellectual property : a study in applied legal philosophy


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