Carl Brusse

Carl Brusse

Position: School Visitor

School: School of Philosophy


Location: Level 6, Room 6.44, Desk B, 146 Ellery Cres


MA, BA(hons), BSc

I commenced my PhD in March 2014, after several years working in health services research and research management. My original academic background was focused on physics and on moral philosophy (BSc, BAhons and MA from the University of Otago) and I have also worked on personal identity, metaphysics, and conceptual change.

My PhD thesis applies tools from philosophy of biology to the evolution of religion and human social complexity. I'm specifically interested in what signalling theory and multi-level selection can say about the emergence of religion and complex societies in the Holocene transition. My research includes work on conceptual issues in the scientific literature, and simulation work on game-theoretic signalling models and their application to cultural evolution and ritual practices. I have also published co-authored work on formal models of signalling in Philosophy of Science and Biology and Philosophy.

Updated publication list and other details at my ORCID profile:

Philosophy of Biology. Evolution of religion. Evolution of cooperation. Cultural evolution. History and Philosophy of Science. Philosophy of Medicine. Formal modelling. Metaphysics. Ethics. Health Services Research.

Brusse, C.J., Sterelny, K., 2018. Moral externalisation fails to scale. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 41.
Brusse, C., Bruner, J., 2017. Responsiveness and Robustness in the David Lewis Signaling Game. Philosophy of Science 84, 1068–1079.
Bruner, J.P., Brusse, C., Kalkman, D., 2017. Cost, expenditure and vulnerability. Biol Philos 32, 357–375.
Brusse, C., 2017. Making do without selection—review essay of “Cultural Evolution: Conceptual Challenges” by Tim Lewens. Biol Philos 32, 307–319.
Brusse, C., 2016. Planets, pluralism, and conceptual lineage. Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 53, 93–106.
Brusse, C., Gardner, K., McAullay, D., Dowden, M., 2014. Social Media and Mobile Apps for Health Promotion in Australian Indigenous Populations: Scoping Review. Journal of Medical Internet Research 16, e280.
Brusse, C.J., Yen, L.E., 2013. Preferences, predictions and patient enablement: a preliminary study. BMC family practice 14, 116.

Cultural Evolution Society

Philosophy of Science Association

Australasian Association of Philosophy

Australasian Research Management Society

POLS 1008 – PPE Integrative Seminar (2016) – tutor

PHIL 2082 – Sex & Death: the Philosophy of Biology (2015) – co-convenor & lecturer

PHIL 2042/MATH1042 – Philosophy of the Cosmos (2015) – guest lecturer & tutor

PHIL 2057 – Philosophy of Science (2014) – co-convenor & tutor

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