Professor Garrett Cullity

Professor Garrett Cullity

Position: Professor, Director of Centre for Moral, Social and Political Theory

Centre affiliation: Centre for Moral, Social and Political Theory


Location: Level 6, RSSS Building, 146 Ellery Crescent


B.A. (Hons), UWA

B.Phil., Oxford

D.Phil., Oxford

Personal website:

Garrett Cullity is Professor of Philosophy in the RSSS, ANU. He taught previously at the universities of Oxford, St Andrews and Adelaide. A moral philosopher whose work ranges across the theoretical and applied parts of the discipline, he has written on topics including the nature of moral judgement, the sources of moral knowledge, the relationship between reasons for action and rationality, the content of the moral virtues, the moral emotions, human rights, fairness and collective action, and the ethical issues surrounding international aid, climate change, and our activities as consumers.

After studying as an undergraduate at UWA and completing his postgraduate training (B.Phil. and D.Phil.) at Oxford, Garrett Cullity joined the Department of Moral Philosophy in 1991. He returned to Australia to a Lectureship in Philosophy at the University of Adelaide in 2001, and was Hughes Professor of Philosophy there from 2007 until his appointment at ANU in 2020.

Theoretical and practical ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of action.


Concern, Respect, and Cooperation (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018).

The Moral Demands of Affluence (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2004).

Ethics and Practical Reason, ed. Garrett Cullity and Berys Gaut (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1997). 

Essays include:

“Exceptions in Nonderivative Value”, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 98 (2019), pp. 26-49.

“Climate Harms”, The Monist 102 (2019), pp. 22-41.

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“Moral Free Riding”, Philosophy and Public Affairs 24 (1995), pp.3-34.

“International Aid and the Scope of Kindness”, Ethics 105 (1994), pp.99-127.

A full list with abstracts and links is available at:

Ethics, Responsibility and the Carbon Budget

ARC Discovery—Projects grant awarded November 2017 for work in 2018-20.

Reason and Value in Normative Ethics

ARC Discovery—Projects grant (including DORA) awarded November 2012 for work in 2013-15.

Egalitarian Responses to Climate Change

ARC Discovery—Projects grant awarded November 2009 for work in 2010-13.

Structured Moral Pluralism

ARC Discovery—Projects grant awarded November 2007 for work in 2008-10.

The Morality of Cooperation and Concern

ARC Discovery—Projects grant awarded November 2004 for work in 2005-7.

The Morality of Assistance

ARC Discovery—Projects grant awarded October 2002 for work in 2003

Australian Museum ACU Eureka Prize in Ethics, 2008

FAHA, 2009-

FASSA, 2014-

AAP President, 2012-13

PHIL 2129 Meta-ethics: The Nature of Moral Judgment   Semester 2, 2021

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