Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE)

Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE)

Are you a leader? The Australian National University (ANU) is a leader too, especially in the fields of politics, philosophy and economics. PPE is a progressive and well-regarded degree will arm you with the moral, economic and political perspectives you need to make a real impact.

You will develop exceptional problem-solving skills and critical and conceptual thinking, all while gaining a passport to some of the world’s most promising careers. With the right course planning, you can proceed to further research in any one of the disciplines, or a combination thereof. You may otherwise prefer to pursue exciting opportunities beyond academia, whether in politics, public policy, journalism, private consulting, or in other leadership roles.

Study across three disciplines

Unlike many other PPE programs, PPE at ANU involves comprehensive study in all three disciplines.

Philosophy addresses foundational questions concerning the study of how society works and what is the standard for social improvement. You will learn to critically engage with core theories in ethics and philosophy of science, all the while developing skills in argumentation and clarity of reasoning.

Politics involves analysing the way that individuals and groups define political issues and shape communal decisions. You will be exposed to a range of methods for investigating political phenomena and you will develop written and oral communication skills.

Economics focuses on a different aspect of social interaction to do with exchange and production. You will learn to apply economic analysis to a wide range of issues, as well as communicate this analysis in a coherent way.

PPE Integration course

In addition to study in the three disciplines, each year you will take a ‘PPE Integration’ course that addresses a selection of the many topics which can only be answered satisfactorily by drawing on all three of the disciplines. The following questions give a sample of what may be addressed:

  • Is it rational to vote in national elections?
  • Why favour democratic political institutions?
  • What’s wrong with exploitation?
  • How, if at all, do economics models help in predicting real-world events?
  • What weight should be given to the wellbeing of future generations in climate decision-making?

Internships and exchanges

Students also have the opportunity to pursue exchanges at other leading international universities, and can profit from summer internships. Located in the national capital, the ANU is the only university with a right to place interns in Australian Parliament House.

A world class degree

ANU is internationally acclaimed in all the three disciplines comprising the PPE degree. The School of Philosophy at ANU is 21st overall in the Anglophone world, and top-5 for political philosophy, according to the most influential rankings within the discipline. The ANU has some of the world’s finest political scientists, and was the only Australian university to receive a 5 (“well above world class”) in both of the Excellence in Research for Australia’s reports. The Economics Faculty at ANU boasts many distinguished scholars, including members of prestigious national and international economics societies. The thriving connections and research cooperation between the three disciplines further enhances the scholarly atmosphere, creating a stimulating environment for interdisciplinary PPE study.

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